Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Zizou Denies There Is A Crisis In Real

For the fourth time consecutively in the League competition and also the Champions League Real Madrid should reap the results insufficient, namely four times series.

Many times Madrid draw 1-1 against Villarreal, Las Palmas (2-2), Borussia Dortmund (2-2) and the most recent 1-1 draw against Eibar.

The Madrid coach Zane denied the existence of a crisis in his team this time. For him there is no time to panic, and are confident that victory will return earned by hersquad.

"This is not a crisis-this new October, we don't have to crazy with this stuff," said Zizou.

"We are not playing nice in the beginning of the first round (vs. Eibar). In the second half we should be better, but this is the thing we always say at the moment. "

"We will analyze this again, and when we came back from our international pause should be changed. We can't be like this. "
Madrid cannot lose one of their creative midfielder Luka Modric, who was absent due to injury.

"I can't believe we are less creative," said Zizou.

"We cannot lose the game intelligent, but quite the intensity. We can't win with a 50-50 ball. "
Zane's squad back to be satisfied with 1-1 draw while Real Madrid entertains Eibar at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Sunday (2/10).

This outcome is the result of the fourth draw won by Madrid consecutively in all competitions.

Eibar goal scored by Francisco Rico, while Madrid scored a goal from his header from Gareth Bale.

Just need enammenit for Eibar to unlock excellence in Barnebeu.

Zizou Denies There Is A Crisis In Real

Francisco Rico suskes heading the ball utilizing feedback from Capa and goalkeeperKeylor Navas Real not real with that ball.

But the quick response is done by foster care with Zizou equalize in the 18thminute.

Jack Bale that utilizes cross Cristiano Ronadlo success equate the score to 1-1.

Not satisfied with the appearance of Karim Benzema, Zizou embodying Alvaro Morata in the second half.

The former Juventus striker was scoring sebelu were annulled because it is in a position of offside.

Continue pressing and obtain at least 12 times kicks lead to goalpost, El Real has always failed to add to his goals.

Until the end of the match score 1-1 strong survive. Madrid's draw failed to make the master top.

Scoring 15 points Real emulate by the rival Atletico, where their superior aggressiveness goals than Madrid.

While the Eibar that have 11 points is still competing on the middle of thestandings.

Liga weekend 7th between host Celta Vigo entertain Barcelona on Sunday (2/10) at Balaidos.

The master intervened in performing riveting successfully winning 3-0 in advance in the first half.

Zizou Denies There Is A Crisis In Real

Goals scored by Celta Pione Sisto, Iago Aspas and an own goal from Barca DefenderJeremy Mathieu.

Pressure performed by Celta Barcelona stronghold appears to be the difficulty of developing the game in the first half. Moreover, they performed without Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the second half Barca had time to minimize misses through goals from Gerard Pique on 58 minutes. Pique welcomed cross from the left by Andres Iniesta.

Barca scored again and make things get 2-3. His success became the executor of the white point in 64 minutes, midfielder Andre Gomes dropped by Mello.

Rather than want to equalize thus Celta Vigo could add advantage to 4-2 through goals from their strikers Pablo Hernandez at minute 77.

At the end of the game like Pique scored both Barcelona and left 3-4.

Score it survived until a match is over. With this result, Celta rises to 10th with 10 points from seven matches. Meanwhile, Barca failed to take over the leadership of thestandings from two original clubs of Madrid and is now ranked at four with 13 points.