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Manchester City Vs. Fc Barcelona, Guest Breakouts

In fact, the Blaugrana could ensure its status as a champion of Group C if they can take points from Coop City, while elsewhere Borussia Moenchengladbach Central failed to win over Celtic.

Lionel Messi et al. have a big sign to immediately place in 16 of the brazing. The owner of Etihad, the City, is not so good.

After grabbing 10 winning streak at the event, all the performance of a City in decline. Sergio Aguero dkk. never win in the following six parties, including when they slaughtered 4-0 by Barcelona at Camp Nou, 19 October.

Ball mastery City region strategy Pep Guardiola ever questioned. When a 0-1 defeatof Manchester United in the League Cup, City IV superior mastery of the ball but was unable to make any shots to the goal!

Manchester City Vs. Fc Barcelona, Guest Breakouts

"Until the last day to train, I will continue to build the attack from behind," said Guardiola in MarcaUntung create a City, they immediately respond. Three days before Barca meets The Citizens good warm-up with swallow West Bromine 4-0 in the EPL (29/10).
Bayern hold mistaken attitude. The problem is not a matter of the way the City they played with the ball, but rather to the reaction of the team when not in control of the game.

"We must try to differentiate between when and when not to be able to play," saidGuardiola.

In the last seven matches that traversed the City, they lost only once the question of the percentage of possession, that is, when it was beaten Barcelona at Camp Nou.

The Citizens must be ready to face similar situations in their draw with Barca epoch.If Aguero cs. no fix coordination team when not holding the ball, it could be such aresult at Camp Nou was about to happen.

Until now, yet Rakitic berjodoh with Real Madrid. However, one day, that Croatia national team mainstay quarterback hope reunited with the coach.

Manchester City Vs. Fc Barcelona, Guest Breakouts

There are indeed similarities between Guardiola and Rakitic. During active as a player, Pep also operate as a left winger. " Hopefully I can work with my Pick. At least, we both can drink coffee together, "said Rakitic cited Manchester Evening News.

Rakitic never faced Bayern Munich Champions League run in the Champions Leaguesemifnal 2014-2015. Magpies away and cage, Barca won 5-3 on aggregate.

On October 19, 2016, Rakitic back got a chance of facing Manchester City hosts Fulham at the same event, but in this phase of the group stage. As a result, major victory quotes Barcelona 4-0.

The duel will continue when the City changed its entertain Barcelona at Etihad Stadium on Tuesday (1/11/1999).

"He (Guardiola) is one of the greatest coaches and I expect the best, except for the match in Manchester. An honor to be able to cooperate with him, "said Rakitic. Messi did indeed appear so charming when Barcelona entertains City at Camp Nou on Wednesday (19/10/2016). He scored a hat-trick and an assist to carry troops Luis Enrique won 4-0.

Contribute in the entire Barcelona goal at that time proved how important the existence of this Argentina captain for the team.

Rakitic ever flattering without hesitation when asked whether real Madrid players called La Pulga it is the best footballer in the world. Asked if Messi the best player equal to ask whether it is better to play with balls or without the ball, "said Rakitic as cited Sports. Excellence of Real Madrid will be tested with strikes in the HeadquartersCity, Etihad Stadium, Tuesday (1/11/1999).

Host a mandatory alert since breaking into the City was one of the Favorites of Messi. He has already packed up five goals and three assists in five meetings cons The Citizens.

In fact, Barcelona swept clean all records meeting facing a City with victory!