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Barcelona Continued To Monitor Gelson Tavares Martins

One of the Chief co-discoverer Ariedo Braida Barcelona i.e. ensure that they meminati young players Sporting Lisbon i.e. Gelson Tavares Martins.

Martins continue to be the fruit of the lips of the European football scene after hermerangsek got into the first team.

Co-discoverer Barca continue to monitor a player 21 years old then, but undecidedBraida will recruit Martins in the near future.

"All I can say is we're continuing to monitor the Gelson," Braida said.

"He's a young player with tremendous talent and Barcelona continue to will see the game. We see a number of players and he's one of them. "

"We will not be recruiting him at this January, it was hard. We just saw it. We do not have a relationship with anyone about him. I don't lie about it and we just look at it.And we're not there yet any negotiation. "

"He has the potential to become the best players, so let's see him evolving."

Barcelona Continued To Monitor Gelson Tavares Martins

Martins has a contract with Sporting until June 2021.
Barcelona midfielder Arda Turan stated that he would like to retire in La Liga clubs, and are not affected by the lack of minutes played.

Turkey national team players that played a total of seven matches in the League forBarca, with Luis Enrique is ranked fourth of the current standings.

Turan who recently joined Barcelona last year States want to close his career at theNou Camp.

"Barcelona are the best team in the world," said Turan.

"I think I relied with a jersey. If I needed just for a minute, I'll play with one minute of it. If I was on the bench then I do it. "

"And I give everything while in line-ups. The coach always showed a sense of our satisfaction against me. "

Turan preparing to defend Turkey national team in two World Cup qualifying matches against Iceland and Ukraine 2018.

"My hope is always to help Turkey's soccer," said the owner of a total of 94 international caps.

"I promise to give my strength to help it. They opened a second hand and I will come, they don't want me not to come. "

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Barcelona Continued To Monitor Gelson Tavares Martins

The Real Madrid star and also Portugal's national football team Cristiano Ronaldo stated that himself does not intend to retire anytime soon.

This time the 31-year-old Ronaldo and said it wants to play at least 10 more years.

While at Manchester United, Ronaldo successfully scored 118 goals in 291 appearances. While the current Real Madrid CR7 already Pack the 367 goals in 354.

The title of the Premier League, La Liga and the Champions League already obtained by Ronaldo's career for two time Club.

Ronaldo does not have alerts for content with segalan raihannya, at least a decade longer himself still wanted to perform in the field.

"Life is not just about football," said Ronaldo while opening the newest hotel in the city of Lisbon.

"Even though soccer is my ambition, I need to start on the future."

"I do not have time left again, maybe about 10 years more or less, so I have to stare at the future."

In the summer and then Ronaldo has just been successfully delivering Portugal national team grabbed the title of Euro 2016.
Cesare Prandelli officially appointed as the new coach of Valencia for occupying the position left by Pako Ayestaran.

Had a chance of winning in the last two games in La Liga, Valencia returned tumblesagainst Atletico Madrid last weekend yesterday (0-2).

The former coach of Italy national team for the first time back to handle the Club, after last time fired by Galatasaray in November 2014.

Barcelona Continued To Monitor Gelson Tavares Martins

"I think Valencia had an interesting football project," said Prandelli. "I'm optimistic.Many players and my first test was to balance the game. "

"I also want to restore the Champions League, but that's for the long term. Maybe in six months or two years. "

"I like to play soccer. Have mastery of the ball. We want a compact team with football. We have to be sure of it. "

Any club owner promising funds transfer for Prandelli in January 2018.

"For the moment I cannot think of a winter," said Prandelli who will find two-year contract at the Mestalla soccer.

"I think this team already has a great value in skuatnya. This error value in the market, and assess the existing squad. "

"By Peter Lim, I had an interesting meeting. This is a long-term project. "