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Blind Disappointed Man United Dismiss Van Gaal Reacted

New Bayern Munich coach, Carlo Ancelotti, admitted sure Jose Mourinho can makea direct impact for Manchester United. Pick any sure Mourinho could soon return the Red Devils as the Club's top-tier football in the United Kingdom.

Mourinho claimed United Kingdom media within the next 48 hours will be announced as the next coach of Man United. Origin of the Portugal Manager will replace Louis van Gaal reacted that has fired on Monday (23/5/2016).

The public Old Trafford any hope Mourinho can immediately revive MU.

"A fantastic Challenge for both parties. Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world. He is experienced in the Premier League and Manchester United need a manager like this, "said Ancelotti.

Blind Disappointed Man United Dismiss Van Gaal Reacted

When true Mourinho came to Manchester United's Premier League competition would then take place interesting. It is inseparable from the arrival of Josep Guardiola to Manchester City which is the city rival Man United.

As is known, the two coaches involved fierce competition both in his epoch in La Liga. Then, Jose Mourinho's deal with Real Madrid, while Pep for directing.

"It will be interesting because both are the best pelatuh in Manchester," he said.

Leicester City striker, Jamie Vardy, ensuring there will be no massive party on the day of her wedding.

Vardy was about to marry the fiance, Becky, on Wednesday (24/5/2016). The sacredevent making it the United Kingdom friendship game versus Australia two days later.

Vardy wanted a quiet wedding and solemn. He does not want to have a party the night away away.

"The event on Wednesday will be very quiet. I wish all the guests enjoyed it, but I wanted a quiet event, "said Vardy reported by ESPN.

"I don't have a curfew. However, I was a professional football player and understandwhat to do. So, I make sure that I sleep fast in order to get back in shape, "says Vardy again.

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Initially, Vardy plans roll out wedding in June 2016. However, he had to find a new date because those months coincided with the opening of the European Cup.

Blind Disappointed Man United Dismiss Van Gaal Reacted

Vardy did indeed enter the list of 23 players United Kingdom brought coach Roy Hodgson to the European Cup. In the latest trial match against Turkey, Sunday (22/5/2016), he contributed one goal to help his team win 2-1.

After Turkey and later Australia, there is one more test matches will be made beforeFrance left for the United Kingdom. They would try out Portugal on 3 June at Wembley Stadium.

Manchester United hired a private jet to bring Louis van Gaal reacted out of the United Kingdom on Monday (23/5/2016). The Red Devils flew Van Gaal reacted with his wife to the Villa in the Algarve, Portugal.

United Kingdom media claimed the sacking of Van Gaal reacted since 12 noon local time. However, at the request of Van Gaal reacted, the Red Devils are delaying the announcement of the sacking of Manager the Netherlands origin until 20.30 local time.

In other words, Van Gaal reacted to MU announced his dismissal when he was in the United Kingdom.

Man United pull out funds that did little to satisfy the request of Van Gaal reacted.According to the BBC, MU had to procure funds sebsar 10,000 pounds or approximately USD 200 million.

Van Gaal reacted was fired after two days earlier carrying MU won the FA Cup. The failure of Man United's Champions League already grabs the ticket as the reasons behind the decisions of management.

Outstanding news, Jose Mourinho as a strong candidate for coach Wayne Rooney and his friends.

The Manchester United Defender, Daley Blind, admitted to disappointment with theClub's decision to fire Manager Louis van Gaal reacted. A 26-year-old player was thinking Van Gaal reacted has been treated unfairly.

Blind Disappointed Man United Dismiss Van Gaal Reacted

Van Gaal reacted fired Man United on Monday night local time or just a few days after the successful FA Cup title. The trophy was the first since left Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of the 2012-2013 season.

Blind to think that Van Gaal reacted deserve the chance of another year after successfully offered the title for the Club. Moreover, the Blind and his colleagues are delighted with the way Van Gaal reacted leading the team.

"I have always worked well with him and really hope it could go on much longer," said the Blind on the Netherlands national team training camp in Portugal was quotedfrom Sky Sports.

"Manager-Manager of the Club Board over the United Kingdom will always be under greater pressure, but over the last six months he was not treated in a fair manner. I think the Manager Louis van Gaal reacted like deserve to be treated in a more respectable, "he said.

In addition to clubs, the Blind is also disappointed by the news coverage in the mass media which always cornering Van Gaal reacted as a manager who fails. It will only make his manager the more depressed and could not focus to the maximum to the team.

"There are so many posts about firing himself during the last few months. However,she always wanted to protect the players, "said Blind.