Senin, 23 Januari 2017

Mesut Oezil Went to Mecca ahead of the 2016 European Championship

Jose Mourinho is expected to sign a deal to become Manager of Manchester Unitedin the next 48 hours ahead.

Negotiations between Mourinho's agent, Jorge Mendes, and the Vice Chairman of MU, Ed Woodward, is scheduled to meet in London on Tuesday (24/5/2016) to discuss the deal in person.

Source owned SKY confirm that the two parties had reached agreement after talking by phone and email on Monday (23/5/2016).

The power law of Man United too have been asked to create a draft contract, which means the talks between Woodward and Mendes in London are actually not needed anymore.

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Mesut Oezil Went to Mecca ahead of the 2016 European Championship

Then how the course of the process of agreement between Mourinho and Woodward?

Source owned SKY revealed the negotiations went smoothly. It is inseparable from the desire for Mourinho became Manager of big red devils and they expect a deal signed in 48 hours ahead.

Sky Sports News claimed that in addition to a great desire to become a coach Jose Mourinho's Man United, the Manager of the origin of the Portugal does not care because he challenged financial elements to restore the Red Devils triumph in European football.

The announcement of the appointment of Jose Mourinho's problem is scheduled at the end of this week. Later while working at Old Trafford, Mourinho will be assistedRui Faria and Silvino Louro (goalkeeping coach). He kept wanting Ryan Giggs as his assistant.

Finished defending Arsenal in 2015-2016, Mesut Oezil take time to worship in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, muslim.

Oezil fill time vacation with a visit to several countries in the Middle East.

In addition to Dubai, Germany midfielder was also briefly magpies charity in Jordanand Syria.

As a muslim, Oezil cannot forget coming to Mecca. The goal is of course to be closer to God.

Oezil was not missed the moment for granted. On Instagram, he post a photo of himself standing in front of the Kaaba, the Holy building located in the Masjid Al-Haram.

The players seemed to wear ihram in commonly used by participants ' Umrah.

Oezil is indeed known as a devout muslim. He always looks to say a prayer before the kick-off match.

Completed a visit to the Middle East and the ' Umrah, a big task awaits Oezil. Former Real Madrid star it would defend Germany on the 2016 European Championship.

Mesut Oezil Went to Mecca ahead of the 2016 European Championship

Oezil brought Arsenal finish second Premier League standings this season. He complete the competition with the status of King of assists (19).

A number of netizen welcome with joy the news of the sacking of Louis van Gaal reacted as Manager of Manchester United.

Van Gaal reacted officially led from his post on Monday (23/5/2016). The decision of the club management was taken just two days after Man United win the FA Cup.

The bad performance of the Red Devils during the 2015-2016 being the reason behind the sacking of Van Gaal reacted. Although he lifted the FA Cup trophy, United lost his place in the Champions League next season.

The citizens of Twitter then responding. A handful of netizen, including Man Unitedfans, expressing their happiness over the sacking of Van Gaal reacted.

The former Chelsea player, Pat Nevin, assess the ability of the young Manchester United striker footwork, Marcus Rashford, with stars like FC Barcelona, Xavi.

Rashford showing impressive performance this season. He earned the trust of Manager Louis van Gaal reacted to melakoni debut.

The appearance of a hit that also made the United Kingdom national team coach, Roy Hodgson, putting the 18-year-old player to the list while the squad ahead of Euro 2016.

Stylish contribution Rashford is also monitored by Nevin. He's assess the movement of the feet (footwork) Rashford very special, similar to His.

"In the last game of the season, Rashford demonstrates the ability of sports balls are wonderful," said Nevin told BBC Radio Five Live, Monday (23/5/2016).

"He's done such a hokey motion flick. Other players who could do it was His, "said the former Scottish national team player.

Any Nevin predicts Rashford will have a bright future. Although he played in a number of different positions by Van Gaal reacted, Rashford was judged the most worthy Nevin played as a striker.