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Arsenal win the Premier League's highest Income 2015-2016

Ryan Giggs was advised to leave Manchester United for the sake of the development of the career of kepelatihannya. The message hurled at former teammate, Peter Schmeichel.

Giggs's desire to occupy the Chair of the Manchester United Manager has been a public secret. To ripen himself, he accepts the job as Assistant Manager since 2014.

Not yet ascertained whether Giggs survived in that position when Jose Mourinho served as the new Manager. Because, there is news that Mourinho would bring Rui Faria to be his right hand.

In the middle of the puzzle related future, Giggs was asked to studied in other clubsbefore returning to Old Trafford.

"To him the more complete, Giggs had to deal with another Club, stand with feet alone, taking decisions, and achieve results," said Schmeichel.

"It is a step forward rather than just being an Assistant. Although, the presence of him in the ranks of the coaching staff is very important, "said the Denmark-born man.

Arsenal win the Premier League's highest Income 2015-2016

United Kingdom media reported, Giggs would talk four eyes with Mourinho beforedeciding his future.

The meeting could not be implemented until Mourinho signed a contract with ManUnited. So far, the two sides recently entered into an agreement about personal salary and duration of cooperation.

Former quarterback Man United, Paul Scholes, capturing a big loss when Giggs chose to leave.

"It is sad and disappointing if he goes. However, I believe, he has a very good abilityto go and deal with other clubs, "said Scholes.

Giggs is now the only remaining coaching staff at Man United. Albert Stuivenberg, Max Reckers, and Frans Hoek also received the termination of the contract together with Louis van Gaal reacted.

Sweden striker, Zlatan Ibrahimoviccould buy just about anything, including supermahal cars with his salary from playing football. In fact, Paris Saint-Germain striker it had vehicle whose price exceeds 3 decent housing units in the United Kingdom.

Arsenal win the Premier League's highest Income 2015-2016

One of the luxury cars belonging to the Porsche 918 Spyder is Ibrahimovic. The 4 wheel vehicle worth 661,000 pounds or approximately USD 12 billion.

Meanwhile, according to The Guardian on April 2016, the average price of a single unit homes in United Kingdom is 200,251 pounds ($ 3.9 billion).

That is, when Ibrahimovic sold his Porsche car, he could buy a home worth 3 in the country, Queen Elizabeth II.

brahimovic paid 37 million u.s. dollars throughout 2015. He then entered the list of5 football player with Forbes magazine's highest wages.

Regardless of the price of the car, the rumor arrival Ibrahimovic to the Premier League is indeed central to the forefront lately.

A number of media United Kingdom Sweden national team captain that proclaims it to be the main target of Manchester United for the transfer of the summer of 2016.

According to The Sun, Man United is offering a salary of 250,000 pounds per week to Ibrahimovic. That number does not include the bonus.

Ibrahimovic remained a free transfer after his contract with PSG runs out on the season, visitors to 2015-2016.

He is eager to dock at other clubs than continuing career alongside giant France.

Arsenal win the Premier League's highest Income 2015-2016

On Premier League season 2015-2016, Arsenal did indeed fail to become champions. However, the team called The Gunners that became the Club with the highest income in the domestic scene.

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Arsenal's success reap income of 101 million pounds ($ 2.01 trillion). The main factors that make Arsenal grabbed the highest revenue is the amount of matches aired on television.

Arsenal became the Club's most widely broadcast intensity, i.e. 27 of 38 matches. Their superior 12 matches over the Premier League champions, Leicester City.

As for Leicester into the Club with the highest income 5. All season 2015-2016, Leicester elections caused profit 93 million pounds ($ 1.85 trillion).

Manchester City dredge 97 million pounds revenue (USD 1.93 trillion), Manchester United grabbed 96.5 millions pounds ($ 1.92 trillion), and Tottenham Hotspur 95.2 elections caused a million pounds ($ 1.90 trillion).

The last three clubs occupy the position of the 2nd to the 4th as the Club with the highest income. While Chelsea are out of the top five, which is ranked 7th, with revenues 87.2 million pounds sterling ($ 1.74 trillion).

Aston Villa who occupied the position of gatekeeper, becoming the clubs with the most income is small, i.e. of 66.6 million pounds sterling (USD 1.32 trillion).