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Man City Laid Yaya Toure in the Champions League


1. each club must register a maximum of 25 players, two of them were goalkeeper.

2. In one team, there are at least eight "locally trained players" or the player who coached the local football club. If the Club has less than eight locally trained player in the team, then the number of members of the squad were in A list will be reduced.

3. The term locally trained players addressed to: a. the Club trained player or playerscoached the Club in question during the three years between the ages of 15 to 21 years; b. the Association trained player or players who trained in other clubs but it is still incorporated in the same football association with the Club concerned, between the ages of 15 to 21 years old.

Man City Laid Yaya Toure in the Champions League

4. each Club shall not register more than four association trained player in the category of eight locally trained players on the list A.

5. Ahead of the round of 16, before midnight February 1, each club can register three new players. However, the limit of 25 players as a whole remains valid. Three new players that previously may not be listed in the other Champions League participants. The secure option given the still existing of Lionel Messi and Barcelona are increasingly strengthening quality of the self through the purchase of top stock performersof the summer. The effect of stock players also influenced the Editorial SPHERE reserved candidates LC championship this season.

Juventus, which recruit Gonzalo Dismisses, Miralem Pjanic, until Dani Alves, indicating their intentions create the master of Europe. Other candidates who also became the choice we are Bayern Munich.

The presence of Carlo Ancelotti, who has collected three titles as a coach, LC was assessed as a catalyst.


Real Madrid and Barcelona being the favorite, but do not underestimate other teams. The experienced coach is supported at the European level, Italy has a chance to succeed.

Man City Laid Yaya Toure in the Champions League


Already got a team matter enough to be champion. However, the focus of staying awake to the UEFA Champions League, able to maintain consistency of appearance, and avoided injury.


The depth of the squad the more pleasant thanks to the arrival of new players freshnan, plus the maturity of coaches support the Mission of Barcelona earned a sixth LC.


Competent trainers, specialist of the UEFA Champions League. A fourth individual patents, squads of the best of the world. The origin is not met representatives of Spain before the final, Bayern Munich got great opportunities created.


The presence of Mats Hummels at the defense line of the Munich players approaching the composition makes perfect. What factors of Carlo Ancelotti as the magnet isthe UEFA Champions League.


The preparation of a more mature under the direction of Zinedine Zidane. The player has not changed much, thus adding a new striker Alvaro Morata, inside of which required can add Chelsea scoring created by Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, and Karim Benzema.


The quality of the players almost evenly in each position and greater determinationfrom previous seasons to win the LC. As long as the stars pressed the ego, would target achieved.


MSN is still difficult trio tamed. Unlike the season yesterday that no seconded qualified upholstery, now MSN has Paco Alcacer. Improvements in the back line, as well as the addition of ammo in the Middle, make a graph of Barca could be stable throughout the season.


This time a more complete squads. Munich also had coach "subscription" champions of the UEFA Champions League, namely Carlo Ancelotti. ERIK LAMELA(Tottenham)

Erik Lamela is not a new face in the world of football. The 24-year-old man Telentahas been seen since he is still strengthening AS Roma in 2011-12.

Man City Laid Yaya Toure in the Champions League

However, it is the first time he felt the sparkling atmosphere of the Champions League.

Understandably, during these dibelanya clubs rarely penetrate the LC. While still atRome, he even could not join the European club competitions. At this time, the Spurs team qualify to the group phase.

No one is now rising middle class called Roma into the ranks of elite players in Europe. MARCO ASENSIO (Real Madrid) after helping Spain win the European under-19Cup in the summer of 2015, Marco Asensio directly loaned to Espanyol and Real Madrid.

"It is the second since January 2014 Madrid lent it to Mallorca, which in fact is the" inventor "of the talents of an attacking midfielder.

At Espanyol, Asensio gained the status of itself as magic boy aka the wonderkid. He played 37 times by creating four goals with Espanyol in La Liga and the Copa del Rey.

Without a doubt, Zane uses the services of a 20-year-old player was in 2016/17 as part of a squad of Los Blancos. In the LC, Asensio became the unlikely starter, but hecould have just made a secret weapon off the bench.