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Top Scorer Champions League candidate for 2016-2017, the property of Two Rulers

Since the 2007/08 season, Real Madrid star Ronaldo, five times the status as top scorer UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, as well as being a top scorer five times.

Along with Xavi, Messi and Ronaldo are never alike emerged as the King of goals, namely on the season 2014/15.

Whether the dominance of Ronaldo or Messi will continue at UCL 2016/17?

After suffering a knee injury in the final of the European Cup 2016 so absent in the first two games in La Liga this season, Ronaldo is believed to be able to back shows first.

Bayern Munich coach ever for directing Ronaldo at Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, dare predict that Portugal midfielder will appear as the top scorer of the League of Spain.

Top Scorer Champions League candidate for 2016-2017, the property of Two Rulers

"He has a unique physical. He's like a car that has been running millions of kilometers without damage, "said Jose Carlos Noronha, the surgeon is already 11 years handled Ronaldo's and help the process of recovery from an injury in the final of Euro 2016.

Manchester United are in good condition. In the first week of La Liga 2016/17, he scored two goals in Barca beat Real Betis kala 6-2.

Sharpness La Pulga continued when Argentina national team performed together.

Messi scored his country's 1-0 victory over Uruguay in the World Cup 2018 kasi Kualifi zone (Conmebol) on September 1.

Only, in the UEFA Champions League Real Madrid recently reduced sharpness. Sincethe 2012/13 season, he just once was able to pack at least 10 goals, i.e. in 2014/15.

In the same season since Ronaldo completed a minimum stable with 10 goals each season. See stability, very likely CR holds a top kenamnya scorer in the UEFA Champions League this season. Up to now, there are 18 foreign players who remain at Manchester City.

Based on the UEFA regulations, every club can only enroll 17 ammunition imported from foreign clubs to appear in the UEFA Champions League group phase match of the 2016/17.

Referring to the rule that every club should have at least eight players results correction Academy in the country among the 25 members of the team are registered.

Top Scorer Champions League candidate for 2016-2017, the property of Two Rulers

Though not entering is pretty much a local Academy book players, does not mean the City could add a quota player of the Club outside the United Kingdom.

The effects of an excess of one quota that, Manchester City Manager, Josep Guardiola, chose not to include even though the midfielder Toure of Ivory Coast that are in a condition fit.

Instead, Pep keep plugging the names of two new rekrutan, Leroy Sane as well as Ilkay Gundogan, which up to now has not been able to graze due to injury.

Team captain Vincent Kompany of Manchester City, also remained in the team despite still being in the recovery phase after thigh surgery.

So is the 19-year old attacker, Nigerian Kelechi Iheanacho, fixed, get the confidence of Champions.

As a side note, Toure had a chance as a starter in the party descended the enclosureround play-off UEFA Champions League against Steaua Bucuresti (24/8).

He has never appeared, or even sit on the bench, in the Premier League this season.

Each club is allowed do three turn of the player after the group phase.

However, Toure assured will not be able to appear in duel cons Borussia Moenchengladbach Central, Celtic, and Barcelona.

The decision of the Barcelona of course invite reactions from a number of parties, in particular the agent Toure. Dimitri, who became the ins representative Toure, considers the new managers joined Manchester City since July 1 have been shaming his client.

Top Scorer Champions League candidate for 2016-2017, the property of Two Rulers

"If he manages to give the Champions League title for Manchester City this season, I will come to the United Kingdom and told through television that Josep Guardiolawas the best manager in the world," said the ins told the Sunday Mirror Sport.

"But, if the City failed to become a champion, I hope Pep had the courage to admithe had made a mistake because it might embarrass the football greats like Yaya," he added.

Ready Lift Away

News reserved terdepaknya Toure from UEFA Champions League squad immediately sparked speculation of a variety a matter of future players aged 33 years.

There are rumors that mentioned that Toure would lift away from Etihad Stadium on stock transfers January 2017.

Toure's contract along with new Manchester City will end in the summer of 2017.

If seeing his ability, many are predicting Toure will get an offer from a Club of France, Italy, and Spain.

Meanwhile, the ins was confident the decision would affect the popularity of Champions Manchester City in Africa.

"They will lose millions of fans from Africa due to the policy of Barcelona. Now theywill give support to Manchester United, "said the ins.

"A lot of people in Africa who say they will not witness the appearance of the City on television anymore," he continued.