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Ambition of Juventus in the UEFA Champions League

Inter did not begin preparation of the 2016/17 season smoothly. Management and fans are faced with two problems at once.

The first problem is the question of the future of captain Mauro Icardi. Agents at once wife Icardi, Wanda Nara, continue to boom for the husband's move to question the possibility of the Club.

Juventus and Napoli called Specs Futsal Wanda as being one of the top from Italy. The former wife of striker Turin, Maxi Lopez, also mengapungkan the name of Tottenham and Arsenal of the United Kingdom.

Later it was revealed that her husband of Wanda refused to move, especially to fellow Club Italy, because Icardi loves Inter.

Ambition of Juventus in the UEFA Champions League

On the basis that Wanda tried to meet with the Club's management made to extendthe contract of Icardi. This desire be unusual given the new contract extends the Icardi in June 2015, aka a year ago. Then, Icardi committing yourself with Inter until 2019 plus receive a base salary of 3.2 million euro per season.

"Let's talk seriously. Icardi had already extended the contracts of a year ago. We gave him a captain. He clearly does not fall into the category can be sold, "said Inter Sporting Director Piero Ausilio.

Just, Wanda still insist make met with management in order to improve the contract of the husband. Icardi was not issued a comment in addition to continue to work hard in the ritiro.

At the age of 23, Icardi had made 52 goals in 105 matches made Inter the captain's role is indeed very large create Inter. But, if indeed there is an enticing offer, Inter can just take it off so that the problem is not protracted.

First Inter suddenly are also faced with another problem, namely the question of the status of Roberto Mancini as their coach. Italy's leading sports daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport, spread the Inter and Mancini is out of line.

Ambition of Juventus in the UEFA Champions League

Mancini was not satisfied with the action the transfer of Inter, while Inter's new management under the control of Suning Group saw Mancini is not an exact figure made brought Inter back successfully.

It is visible from the reluctance of Inter contract extension buat open discussions. Mancini is currently tied to June 2017. Mancini need assurance from management. Reportedly, the two camps were to meet on July 27.

Currently, it appears the rumors that the Club would approaching one of the Leonardo, Cesare Prandelli, as well as several other candidates such as Guus Hiddink, Manuel Pelelgrini, Louis van Gaal reacted, or Rudi Garcia.

Gonzalo Dismisses one of the answers is Massimiliano Allegri to bring Juventus reached the UEFA Champions League ambitions.

That's the reason that keeps Juventus willing to spend enormous funds to bring in 2. News from Italy at the end of this week mentioned that Juventus are ready to redeem the attackers release clause in Naples of 98 million euros (about 1.4 trillion rupiah).

La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote, Juventus will make payments in two stages. The Clubnicknamed "La Vecchia Signora (the Old Lady) is willing to provide cash of 70 million euros plus their player gives two midfielders Roberto Pereyra (worth 18 million) and Rolando Mandragora (10 million) or dream coach of Napoli Defender Maurizio Sarri, Daniele Rugani.

La Gazzetta later mentions, Allegri has set Dismisses as the right person to help Juventus win the Champions League. After five consecutive times Serie A win, won the most prestigious club competition in Europe has indeed become Arsenal's ambitions.

Allegri also same as the Club. Understandably, 48-year-old coach had been three times reaching for the scudetto, i.e. all along Milan (2010/11) and twice with Juventus(2014/15 and 2015/16).

Ambition of Juventus in the UEFA Champions League

He certainly wanted to achieve a higher achievement. Allegri's ambitions are also encouraged by the failure in the last two seasons. In 2014/15, Juventus defeated Barcelona in the final.

Last season, the steps of an old Lady stopped Bayern Munich in the round of 16. Juventus have twice won the UEFA Champions League. Champions Juventus in the season 1984/85 and 1995/96.

Reasonable if Allegri set Dismisses as a player who teapt to help Juventus won the Champions League. Last season, the striker nicknamed "El Pipita shows so amazing ability as scorers.

Dismisses earned a top scorer with 35 goals in 36 Pack of matches. This Argentina subverting the original bomber record 35 touchdowns courtesy of Gunnar Nordahl on the 1949/50 season.

El Pipita also sharply kala appeared in European club competition. Since his career in Europe in the 2006/07 season, this 28 year old striker has scored 24 goals in European competition.

Only, is not very sharp Dismisses in the UEFA Champions League. The attacker just repackaged the nine goals in 48 appearances in the UEFA Champions League alongside Real Madrid. Alongside Napoli, 2 make four goals in five appearances and one goal in two actions in the kualifi kasi the UEFA Champions League.