Kamis, 17 November 2016

The Tapa Arogannya Thomas Müller

The words sharper than a sword. That's what Thomas Müller should understand before many spoke to the media. If not, such events when San Marino against Germanywill again repeat itself. After a successful match Germany won with a score of 0-8, Müller became an enemy to the public of San Marino. What is he doing?

As reported by the World Soccer Talk, the Germany national team players pulled out words that are inappropriate when interviewed by the media. It is revealed that the match against San Marino is the match that is not important and has a pretty big risk for him and also the other Germany players.

"This match was really no relation to professional football. We know that this is a tremendous thing for San Marino and its people as it can against the world champion.But honestly, with the limited circumstances like this, not to mention the slippery field because of the rain, the risk of injury in a place like this is big enough. I don't understand why the match like this remain to be implemented, "says Müller.

This statement is a sudden outrage while pique San Marino citizens, including officials of the San Marino national football team. They are aware that now they are at the bottom of the standings Group C qualifying round of the World Cup 2018 with zero points and conceded 17 goals. They also know that their new away goals scored again last October, facing Norway, after 15 years of waiting.

But at least they don't lost the respect of her opponents. That's what coach is voiced by San Marino, Pierangelo Manzaroli. He say that Germany is the world champion,but they do not know what is called with respect.

"When small countries like San Marino facing world champions like Germany, loseeven to the massacred, is common. But, despite losing or winning, respect of the opponent is never lost. That's what we did. Quite a pity Germany didn't do the same thing, "he said.

The Tapa Arogannya Thomas Müller

The bigger the anger shown by Alan Gasperoni, media officer of the San Marino national football team. He even sends 10 outlining the reasons why Germany travel to San Marino it is futile. The goal? As an expression of sarkas. 10 for these reasons, its complete you can see here, is also equipped with the comments smacks of pique toMüller. The pique dikaitkan-kaitkan with all the luxuries that Bayern players often get in Germany.

"Dear Thomas, you are right. Indeed it is not so mean. For You. Furthermore, createwhat far-far away come to San Marino when the Bundesliga being off, whereas youcan spend your time in a mansion along with your own wife, "Gasperoni said.

See asuhnya Germany national team coach was attacked, Joachim Löw, defending Thomas. It is revealed that Thomas did not intend to offend the public San Marino and timnasnya are mostly filled by players who are still at the level of an amateur.

"San Marino has a great many footballers who are still amateurs. Perhaps Thomas (Müller) did not mean to insult the players of San Marino. He was accustomed to playing in professional competition is tight and get used against players professionals. I emphasize that we continue to respect the opponent, whoever that was, including San Marino, "he added.