Kamis, 24 November 2016

The only Overseas Player downs at Jaya Kencana

Jaya Kencana is the team Pro League Futsal competition participants 2016, based in the city of South Tangerang. But that does not mean all the players came from Tangerang and surrounding areas. Nice Nugraharlan is the only overseas players who come from the city of flowers.

The goalkeeper joined JK beginning in 2013, admitted that being a player only in rantau Jaya Kencana is not an easy thing for good. Futsal player of Sepatu Futsal Bandung city, Brilyan and Anker FC this admitted often feel Klezmer with the atmosphere of the island.

"Early feels heavy because it must be away from their families and need adaptation in new environments. But he so accustomed though sometimes still miss the atmosphere is Great, "said bandung to Futsal Zone.

The only Overseas Player downs at Jaya Kencana

This year is the third year of Nice reinforces the JK. Performance and his experiencemake it always retained by the management of JK.

Each year, the composition of squads JK always experience a lot of changes. JK last season a lot of experienced players such as reinforced Priest, Bayu Aditya and Alit TriRahmadi. Jaya Kencana squads now more inhabited local young players like Feniceverde78 Irvani and Dicky Bogel.

According to Nice, this makes the atmosphere of the team became solid and make it more comfortable in the team under coach who now Coaches Andre Picessa.

"This team same aja Comfortably, his children respect, help a lot and give a chance to young players like myself to more hours flying in the Professional futsal competitions," pungkas good.

The young players now take advantage of JK break to fix their game after losing twice in the two-party Prime PFL 2016. JK team and other Western Areas will melakonithe match continued on 20-21 February in Gor 17 December, Mataram.

6. Biangbola Kaltim
The best transfer Biangbola this year is on the position of the coach. Yep, Panca Fauzi who is the coach that many many years mengarsiteki Futsal Bandung must now be split up and merged with Biangbola Kaltim.

We need to know is a qualified coach Senses. FKB België ever never reached the peak of the party twice Futsal Super League.

Alas, despite the player's default player filled Panca as Nandy Faidasa Subhan, Sukma, and Great Bi Juniarsyah, they're still trouble finding games best. Win hard top Mataram FC and lost decisively defeated by Electric PLN Jakarta make PR weight to coach Panca Fauzi.

7. Jaya Kencana Main South Tangerang
Andre Picessa is believed to menukangi son Jaya Kencana after last season he menukangi JK Angels. In some media, Andre is enthusiastic about carrying out this mandate, the evidence that he is serious about bringing top teams Indonesia JK.

The only Overseas Player downs at Jaya Kencana

Jaya Kencana this season decided to use players from the Academy players who dominated Jaya Kencana with mentored by senior Quality like Rizal, Rio Tri, and AsepAliatama. Dear first series JK, 2016 should make PFL swallow 2 defeat over Electric PLN and Mataram.

But young players are not playing JK is actually ugly. It's just that their flying hours is still minimal competition to play in pro league classmates. Also these young players still need guidance from the senior. If it continues to rise not impossible JK will be a stumbling block for the other team.

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8. Futsal Bandung
Surprisingly enough the Bandung Futsal has a great tradition in the pro League, had to sink at the bottom of the standings while. Ayi coach who replaced Panca has a pretty big PR on series I held dimarkasnya own GOR C-Tra Arena. A pretty painful defeat two given Vishnu [...] cs. to the citizens.

Stage fright is probably the problem experienced by the FKB elementary mistakes,make the team runner-up FSL that get a disastrous blow to 2013 from FC a bulldozeLibido merekandengan unusual score i.e., 8-1.

Rather than rise in the second party against BJL, they eventually return suffered a 4-2 defeat. If you want to survive in the PFL children Bandung must continue to improve performance because the League is still long.